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"Although I am primarily a C++ programmer, I often learn other crafts as I ply my trade..."

About Me

Welcome to my personal public domain contributions. I am the owner and principal architect of One Guy Group, Inc. As a OneGuy™, I donate selected portions of my work to enrich the sum of human knowledge and empower others by example and content.

What's a OneGuy™?

A OneGuy™:

  • Places human need above profit.
  • Contributes to the public domain.
  • Enhances the world by empowering people.

Open Source

"Users of commercial software who immediately upgrade to newer versions of an application expect to find improvements. Instead, they often find useful features removed, new or unfixed bugs, reduced performance, or non-productive changes to the user interface. These users have no recourse, since many of these niche applications are available from only one or two large companies...until now."

Here are my Open Source offerings. You can also track all my repositories by following me on Github.

A Collection of Useful C++ Classes for Digital Signal Processing

Three projects in one, a demonstration application using the Juce framework (provided, under a separate GPL license) and a set of C++ classes to implement digital filtering. These projects are designed to work on all platforms.

Music Playlist Creation Tools

A simple application for Windows or Macintosh that automatically makes tidy playlists for each folder and subfolder at the touch of a button, allowing you to organize and browse your music by folders even on devices that do not support folder browsing.


A command line tool for creating an amalgamation from C and C++ sources.


A distribution of Juce in amalgmated form.


A distribution of FreeType in amalgmated form.

Photo Artwork

"The Wall of Endless Boxes"

"Objects destined for the trash can make a statement about society..."

A point in time came where my home office melted down due to very old "uninterruptible" power supplies getting interrupted (the lead-acid batteries only last a few years and mine were ancient). This resulted in a burst of purchases of electronics. I usually save boxes for a week before I throw them out, in case I need to return an item. As they started to pile up by the door, I realized they could be turned into art. The wall was born.

I encourage unlimited commercial usage of this artwork, including 'mashups', as long as the attribution remains intact.

"The Wall of Endless Boxes" by Vinnie Falco is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

"The Making of the Wall of Endless Boxes"

"When the opportunity to 'look behind the curtain' presents itself we must take advantage of it..."

The Wall of Endless Boxes was created and conceived by me, while the photography work was done by Dean Mongan from MonganMedia. During the shooting of the work, I shot the "making of" using a separate camera. After the actual artwork was shot, I held an "open house" where neighbors could come by and have their picture taken in front of the wall. This picture give you an idea of the scale of the wall and the work required for the setup. Dean is a master of not only photography and lighting, but also videography and video post-production. All equipment including the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and the Arrilite three point lighting system is property of One Guy Group, Inc.

I encourage unlimited non-commercial distribution of this artwork, as long as the attribution remains intact.

"The Making of the Wall of Endless Boxes" by Vinnie Falco is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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